2018 Articles

05/18/18: USCIS Tightens Policy on Student and Exchange Visitor Violators

05/02/18: Automatically Acquiring U.S. Citizenship

04/20/18: Complexities of Criminal Issues in Immigration

01/26/18: Elimination of Family-Based Petitions Proposed: File Now Before It's Too Late

2017 Articles

12/01/17: Significant Delays in Processing Removal of Conditional Residency Petitions

11/10/17: False Claims on Form I-9 Causing More Problems

10/30/17: USCIS Initiates Tougher Policy on Extension Petitions

09/28/17: Rule Change Could Increase Risk of Fraud Charges

08/10/17: Provisional Waiver Still A Viable Solution

05/04/17: The Cancellation of Removal Application as a Defense to Deportation 

04/04/17: AILA: Know Your Rights: If ICE Comes Your Work Place (Employee) 

04/04/17: AILA: Know Your Rights: If ICE Visits Your Home

04/04/17: AILA: Know Your Rights: If ICE Stops You in Public

01/25/17: Executive Order: Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States

01/25/17: Executive Order: Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements

2016 Articles

08/11/16: DHS Expands Provisional Waiver Program

05/10/16: USCIS to Begin Parole Program to Reunite Family of Filipino WWII Veterans

03/25/16: K-1 Fiancée: Adjusting Status After a Separation or Divorce

02/26/16: Residing in the U.S. Indefinitely through an E-1/E-2 Visa

02/11/16: Change to Visa Bulletin Advances Adjustment Filing Eligibility

2015 Articles

12/16/15:  Waiving Fraud Due to Extreme Hardship

​11/19/15:  The U Visa:  Assistance to Victims of Certain Crimes

10/09/15:  Filipino WWII Veterans: Family Reunification on the Horizon

08/25/15:  Expediting Permanent Residency Through A Cross-Cultural Relationship

07/30/15:  DHS Eases Requirements for Religious Workers

06/20/15:  Petitions to Remove Conditional Residency

03/14/15:  DHS' Lenient Enforcement Priorities Beneficial to Fearful Applicants

02/13/15:  DHS Clarifies Expanded DACA Requirements - Filing Period Begins February 18

​01/17/15:  April Deadline for H-1B Visas

2014 Articles

12/20/14:  Qualifying Under the Expanded DACA Program

10/18/14:  Fighting Revocation of Green Card After Extended Absence from U.S.

08/16/14:  Visa Relief for Domestic Violence, Including Non-Physical Violence

07/19/14:  Immigration Rights in the Hiring Process

06/27/14:  Immigration and Same-Sex Marriage: One Year After Implementation

06/14/14:  DHS Now Accepting DACA Extensions

05/16/14:  DHS Proposes Work Permits for H-4 Spouses

05/10/14:  Dealing With Fraudulent Entry to U.S.

04/12/14:  H-1B Visas Gone Once Again:  Now What?

03/08/14:  Permanent Residence Through Religious Work

02/08/14:  Prepare Now For H-1B Visa Season Starting April 1

2013 Articles

12/27/13:  Preparing for TPS

10/18/13:  Contesting Abandonment of Permanent Residency

10/12/13:  California Enacts Several Immigration Related Laws

09/27/13:  Visa Options for Victims of Domestic Violence

07/10/13:  F2A Family Category to be Current in August

06/26/13:  Immigration Benefits Now Available to Same-Sex Spouses

06/05/13:  Common Immigration Questions When Marrying a Green Card Holder
05/23/13:  The Danger of Filing an Asylum Application

04/25/13:  Proposed CIR Requires Action Now on Certain Family Petitions

03/13/13:  Contesting Abandonment of Permanent Residency

02/06/13:  Mechanics of the Finacee Visa

01/29/13:  Senators Propose Framework for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

01/10/13:  DHS Implements New Provisional Waiver Process

2012 Articles

11/14/12:  Obama Victory Signals Hope for Positive Immigration Reform
10/10/12:  US Military Reopens Enlistment to Certain Nonimmigrants
09/26/12:  New Court Decision Greatly Expands CSPA Eligibility
09/05/12:  Petitioning Children Omitted from Immigration Records
08/07/12:  DHS Issues Procedures for DREAM Deferred Action - Begins August 15
07/25/12:  Court Affirms K Visa Restrictions
06/20/12:  President Obama Helps DREAMERs with Accomplishing Their Dreams
05/22/12:  Court Changes Travel Restrictions for Adjustment Applicants
04/04/12:  DHS Proceeds with Provisional Waiver Program
03/20/12:  H-1B Visa Filing Period Begins April 1 
03/06/12:  Visa Options for Victims of Domestic Violence
02/07/12:  Deriving US Citizenship Automatically 
01/25/12:  Reopening a Removal Order
01/11/12:  DHS' Provisional Waiver Plan Significant for Those Eligible to Adjust Status

2011 Articles

​12/07/11:  Recent DHS Changes Provide Greater Potential for Resolving Fraud Matters
11/23/11:  ICE Proceeds with Implementation of Prosecutorial Discretion Policy
11/09/11:  CIS Issues New Policy Memo Regarding Issuance of Notices to Appear
10/18/11:  Certain Petitions Still Harmed Upon Naturalization of Petitioner
09/28/11:  Contesting Abandonment of Permanent Residency
09/07/11:  Law Allows Certain Surviving Relatives Continued Immigration Benefits
08/25/11:  Deadline for Certain Widows Quickly Approaching
08/11/11:  Recent Court Decisions Toughen Matters for Criminal Aliens
07/14/11:  DHS Waiver for Criminal Convictions
06/30/11:  ICE Issues Guidelines for Seeking Prosecutorial Discretion
06/16/11:  Immigration Strategies for LGBT Families
05/05/11:  DOL Announces Protocols for Assistance in U Visa Petitions
03/31/11:  BIA Rules Fiancé May Still Adjust Despite Divorce
03/16/11:  Fraud Waiver for False Marital Status Claim
02/23/11:  CIS Issues Memo Implementing Favorable Reforms
02/03/11:  Alternative to the H-1 Visa
01/27/11:  DHS Announces H-1B Visa Cap Reached
01/20/11:  Cancellation of Removal for Out of Status Individuals
01/12/11:  DHS Issues Final Rules Implementing Surviving Relative Law
01/05/11:  Relief Available for Widows of US Citizens