2016 January- June Segments  

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: H-1B Filing Window; NVC Processing (05/03/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: DAPA and Extended DACA Update; H-2B Overstay and Travel Within US; International Travel by Conditional LPR; Student Visas (05/03/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Expired Green Card; Social Security Benefits; Delay in Additional Documents (05/03/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Social Security Benefits; Affidavit of Support (05/03/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Job Portability; California Identification Cards (04/05/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Adjustment of Status Eligibility; Expired Green Card (04/05/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Work Permits for Domestic Violence Victims; Relative Petitions and Tourist Visas; Green Card Renewal (04/05/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: STEM OPT Extension; U.S. Veteran Child; Adjustment for U.S. Citizen Parent (04/05/16)​​​

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Income Tax Returns; J-1 Visas for Teachers; Long-term Undocumented (02/09/16)
LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Domestic Violence Victim; Certificate of Citizenship; Re-entry Permits (02/09/16)
LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Naturalization & Relative Petitions; Permanent Residency for E Visa Holders; Relative Petitions & B-2 Visas (02/09/16)
LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Embassy Processing of Immigrant Visa (02/09/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Recent ICE Raids; H-1B Filing Deadline; Tattoos (01/05/16)
LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: H-2B Visas; Naturalization & Relative Petitions; Automatic Citizenship  (01/05/16)
LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Crewmen; Sibling Petitions; Expired Green Card  (01/05/16)
LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Married Child Petition; Remarriage in the Philippines  (01/05/16)

2014 July- December Segments  

Visas Available for Domestic Violence Victims (08/21/14)

Visa Relief for Victims of Parental & Child Abuse (09/17/14) 
Motions to Reopen Immigrant Application Cases (10/01/14)
Traveling for Permanent & Non-Permanent Residents of the U.S. (10/29/14)
LIVE Immigration Consultation about Obama's Executive Action (11/25/14)
Obama's Executive Action Expands the DACA Program (12/10/14)
2014 Immigration Highlights & Looking Forward to 2015 (12/23/14)
LIVE Q&A Regarding 2015 U.S. Immigration Program Changes (01/07/15)

2011 July - December Segments

​​Significant Changes & Decisive Memos in Immigration 2011 (12/21/11)

Naturalization Process & Cases (12/14/11)

Changes in Notices to Appear Regarding Removal Proceedings (11/09/11)

Spouse Petitions & 237 Waiver (10/26/11)

Chargeability for Visa Preference Categories (10/12/11)

Retention of Priority Date on Child Status Protection Act (CSPA) (09/28/11)

Immigration Questions Answered LIVE, Part I (09/20/11)

Immigration Questions Answered LIVE, Part II (09/20/11)

Immigration Questions Answered LIVE, Part III (09/20/11)

H-1B Work Visas (08/03/11)

Prosecutorial Discretion (07/06/11)

2012 January - June Segments

​​Obama Offers Deferred Action to Young Immigrants (06/20/12)

.Voter Fraud for Non-U.S. Citizens (06/06/12)

Employer Obligations for H1-B Visa Workers (05/30/12)

Eligibility for Cancellation of Removal (05/23/12)

Advance Parole for Green Card Applicants (04/25/12)

Green Card Adjustments after Divorce (04/11/12)

What to Do if Your Immigration Petition is Denied (03/28/12)

Death & Immigration Petitions (03/14/12)

Fraudulent Tax Returns Can Lead to Deportations (02/29/12)

Common Issues & Questions about Fiancee Visas (02/15/12)

Love & Marriage, the Immigration Way (02/01/12)

Important Changes to the Unlawful Presence Waiver (01/18/12)

"Legitimation" of Immigrant Children (01/04/12)

2013 January - June Segments  

​​​Immigration for Same Sex Couples after DOMA Ruling (06/23/13)

Green Card Holders Petitioning Their Spouse (06/12/13)

Senate Committee Passes Immigration Legalization Bill (05/19/13)

Law Specialists Take On Your Immigration & Nationality Issues (05/15/13)

Issues in Acquiring Green Cards through Marriage (05/15/13)

Appealing for Immigrants in Removal Proceedings (05/15/13)

Choosing the Right Immigration Lawyer to Handle Your Case (05/15/13)

Proposed Changes to the U.S. Immigrant Visa System (05/01/13)

Overview of Proposed Comprehensive Immigration Bill 2013 (04/17/13)

Viewer Questions on U.S. Citizenship Answered (03/20/13)

Scenarios Involving U.S. Citizenship (03/06/13)

Bipartisan Proposals for Immigration Reform (02/20/13)

Amping Border Security to Discourage Illegal Immigration (02/20/13)

Safeguarding Immigration Status for Undocumented Workers (02/20/13)

Positive Outlook for U.S. Immigration in 2013 (02/20/13)

Petition to Remove Conditional Residency Status for Couples (02/06/13)

The Basics of Fiancee Visas (01/23/13)

2013 Implementation of the Unlawful Presence Provisional Waiver (01/09/13)

2015 January - June Segments  

LIVE Q&A Regarding 2015 U.S. Immigration Program Changes (01/06/15)

LIVE Q&A: Updates on DACA | Undocumented Drivers | Petitions (02/03/15)

​LIVE Q&A: Extended DACA | Employment-based Petitions (02/03/15)

LIVE Q&A: Adjustment of Status | U.S. Citizenship (02/03/15)

​LIVE Q&A: Naturalization | Humanitarian Reinstatement (02/03/15)

​LIVE Immigration Q&A: Status of DACA | Extended DACA & DAPA | K-1 Fiancee | Visa Fraud | Spousal Adjustment (03/03/15)
LIVE Immigration Q&A: New EAD Program for H-4 Spouses | DACA | DAPA | Relative Petitions for Children (03/03/15)
LIVE Immigration Q&A: Status of DHS Funding; Adjustment for Undocumented | J-1 Visas (03/03/15)
LIVE Immigration Q&A:  Visas for Dependents (03/03/15)

​LIVE Immigration Q&A: U.S. Immigration: Status of Extended DACA & DAPA | H-1B Filing Period | Priorities for Removal |Visa Eligibility for Registered Nurses | 

         Excessive Time on Pending Applications (04/01/15)

​LIVE Immigration Q&A: U.S. Immigration: Options for Individuals Not Eligible Under Obama's Executive Actions | Recapturing Former Priority Dates | 

         Green Card Petitions for Younger Siblings (04/01/15)

​LIVE Immigration Q&A: U.S. Immigration: Green Card through US Citizen Child | Visas for Registered Nurses (04/01/15)

​LIVE Immigration Q&A: U.S. Immigration: Attorney Limitations (04/01/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Remarrying a Spouse (04/28/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: LULAC/Provisional Waiver | AB60 Driver License | Marriage & Relative Petition for a Child (04/28/15)

​​LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: DACA/DAPA; Employment-Based Priority Dates | Treaty Trader and Investors | Prop. 47 and SB 1310 | H-1B Visas (04/28/15)

​LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Out of Status | Marriage Fraud | Fiancée Visa | Family-based Priority Dates (04/28/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Extended DACA/DAPA Update | Controlled Substance Convictions | I-601A Hardship Waiver | Priority Date Retrogressions (06/02/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: DACA Beneficiary | Petitions for Children | Advance Parole (06/02/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Petitions for Children | Automatic U.S. Citizenship | Seaman (06/02/15)

​LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Domestic Violence Victim (06/02/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Same Sex Marriages | EB Retrogression | Prosecutorial Discretion | Humanitarian Reinstatement. (06/30/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Provisional Waiver | C-1/D-1 Crewman | F2B Priority Date | Negative Immigration History. (06/30/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Negative Immigration History | Child Status Protection Act. (06/30/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Adoption Petitions.​ (06/30/15)​​​​​​​​

2014 January - June Segments  

​​​Actions to Take after Denial of Immigration Petitions (01/22/14)

Immigration Petitions for Same Sex Relationships (02/05/14)
Preparing for the H-1B Visa Filing Season (03/05/14)
Immigration Fraud & Adjustment of Status (04/01/14)
Important Steps in Filing H-1B Petitions (04/01/14)
Immigration Petitions Affected by Death (04/01/14)
Green Card Expiration Dates & H-1B Petitions (04/01/14)
Immigration Petition Status due to Separation & Divorce (04/02/14)
DACA Renewal & Temporary Protected Status for Filipinos (04/16/14)
Proposal for H-4 Spouses to Obtain Work Permits (05/14/14)
Adam Walsh Act Protect Minors from Crime in Immigration (05/28/14)
Renewing Applications for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) (06/11/14)

2010 Segments

Holiday Traveling for Permanent Residents & Immigrants (12/08/10)

Visa Regression & DREAM Act (11/24/10)

Preference Categories Shortened (11/10/10)

Cancellation of Removal Proceedings (10/13/10)

Legal News from Atty. Allison Aquino (09/29/10)

2011 January - June Segments

Secure Communities & Mandatory Detentions (06/22/11)

Adoption for Immigrants (06/08/11)

Non-immigrant Intent (05/23/11)

Updates on U Visas, Obama Immigration Reform & DREAM Act (05/11/11)

Affidavits of Support (04/27/11)

K-1 Visas Still Eligible for Permanent Residency after Divorce (04/13/11)

Breaking News for Same-Sex Immigrant Couples Seeking Permanent Residency (03/30/11)

Immigration Questions Answered LIVE, Part I (03/29/11)

Immigration Questions Answered LIVE, Part II (03/29/11)

Immigration Questions Answered LIVE, Part III (03/29/11)

What You Need to Know before Filing an H-1B Visa (03/16/11)

Marriage While In Removal Proceedings (03/02/11)

Gay Man Seeking Asylum (02/16/11)

How to Hire the Perfect Lawyer for You (02/02/11)

Surviving Relative Law (01/19/11)

Acquiring U.S. Citizenship for Children (01/05/11)

2012 July - December Segments

​​Projections for U.S. Immigration in 2013 (12/26/12)

2012 Immigration Changes with Ineffective/Negative Impact (12/26/12)

Positive Developments in 2012 U.S. Immigration (12/26/12)

Significant Events in U.S. Immigration in 2012 (12/26/12)

Legal Complications of Filing for Asylum (12/12/12)

Employers' I-9 Compliance & Fines for Violations (11/28/12)

Comprehensive Immigration Reform under Obama (11/14/12)

Obama & Romney Positions on Immigration Issues (10/31/12)

Military Accessions Vital to National Interest (MAVNI) (10/17/12)

Aged-Out Immigrants Retain Parents' Priority Dates (10/03/12)

Self-Petitions for Immigrant Victims of Domestic Violence (09/19/12)

Traveling for DACA Beneficiaries & Adjustment Applicants (09/05/12)

Criteria for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (08/08/12)

Legal Restrictions for K Visas (07/25/12)

Questions to Ask before Hiring an Immigration Lawyer (07/11/12)

LA18 Television Videos 

Attorneys Allison Aquino-Silva and Richard Loew are regular featured guests on Kababayan Today hosting a segment titled "American Dream".

2015 July- December Segments  

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Expanded DACA and DAPA Update; H-1B Safe Harbor Deadline; H-2B Visa Overstay (12/01/15)

​LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Processing Times; Automatic US Citizenship; Married Children (12/01/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Divorce/Annulment; Adopted Relative (12/01/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Marriage Fraud; Derivative Citizenship; Tourist Visa (12/01/15)

​​LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Criminal conviction; US Citizenship and Voting; Intn'l Travel; Multiple Visa Petitions; Humanitarian Reinstatement for Dependents (11/03/15)

​LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Voting & False Claim to US Citizenship; DUI Conviction; US Citizenship Eligibility; Sponsor’s Reqs for Employment-Based Visa Petition (11/03/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Green Card Overstay; Relative Petition Conversion and Waiting Times; Humanitarian Reinstatement (11/03/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Conclusory remarks (11/03/15)

​LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: WWII Veterans; Priority Dates as of Oct. 1 (10/06/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Practicing U.S. Law; Green Card Renewal (10/06/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Fiance Visas; Dual Citizenship (10/06/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Online Fees for a Green Card​ (10/06/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Citizenship Day 2015 (09/08/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Child Status Protection Act (09/08/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Military Families & Citizenship (09/08/15)

​LIVE U.S. Immigration LIVE Q&A: Birth Right Citizenship (09/08/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Veteran Families | Religious Workers. (08/04/15)

​LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Domestic Violence | Application Fraud. (08/04/15)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Driver's Licenses for the Undocumented. (08/04/15)

​LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Parole Visas for WWII Veteran Families. (08/04/15)

2013 July- December Segments  

​​​​Good News from the Visa Bulletin on F2A Category (07/10/13)

T Visas for Human Trafficking Victims (07/24/13)

Provisional Waivers for Unlawful Presence in the U.S. (10/16/13)
Advance Parole for Adjustment of Status & DACA Applicants (10/30/13)
Citizenship through the U.S. Military (12/03/13)
Adjustment of Immigrant Status for Same Sex Couples (12/03/13)
Traveling for Green Card Holders (12/03/13)
Immigration Specialists Talk about Passports, Waivers & Parole (12/03/13)
Immigration Travel Guide for the Holidays (12/11/13)

2016 July- December Segments

 LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Extreme Hardship Policy Memo; New USCIS Fees; Religious Workers (11/01/16)

​LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Marriage of Beneficiary; Domestic Violence Victim; Processing Times (11/01/16)

​​LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Same-sex couples; Naturalization of Petitioner (11/01/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Permanent Resident Card (11/01/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Expansion of Provisional Waiver Program (09/06/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Travelling on a non-expiring green card; Visa Processing Location; Affidavit of Support (09/06/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Parent Visa Petition; Travel on Approval Notice; Travel with an Approved Employment-Based Petition (09/06/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Re-acquiring a Green Card (09/06/16)

LIVE U.S Immigration Q&A: Expanded DACA and DAPA; T Trafficking Visa (07/26/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request; T Trafficking Visa (07/26/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: Removal Bar; Asylum (07/26/16)

LIVE U.S. Immigration Q&A: National Visa Center; Relative Petition for Son/Daughter (07/26/16)