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BIA and Federal Court Lawsuits and Appeals

The attorneys at Aquino & Loew have extensive experience litigating immigration matters before the various courts, including the Board of Immigration Appeals (BIA), federal District Courts, and federal Courts of Appeals.  Intricately familiar with the complex rules and procedures imposed by the various courts, Aquino & Loew are able to aggressively pursue court litigation in seeking reversals of erroneous decisions, as well as lawsuits against the immigration service forcing them to adjudicate applications that have been languishing for much too long. 


Aquino & Loew maintains a full litigation practice including, but not limited to:


  • Appeals from the Immigration Judge to the BIA; BIA to the Circuit Court of Appeals; and Circuit Court of Appeals to the US Supreme Court

  • Motions to Reopen – Traditional Motions and Requests for Joint Motions to Reopen

  • Motions for Reconsideration

  • Petitions for Review

  • Stay of Removal

  • Mandamus Petitions

  • Habeas Corpus Petitions


The rights of individuals to seek reversals of erroneous decisions by the lower courts in the federal appellate courts is essential to ensuring that all avenues are properly pursued.  The attorneys at Aquino & Loew are fully knowledgeable on the intricacies of the federal court system so that a complete assessment can be conducted to determine an action’s viability and likelihood of success.

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