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A criminal conviction, whether a simple misdemeanor or major felony, can cause serious immigration consequences to anyone who is not a United States citizen. If you are a permanent resident who has been convicted of a criminal violation, there is a danger that your green card can be taken away. If you are applying for a green card and have committed a crime, you could be denied permanent residency and placed into removal proceedings.  As soon as you are charged with a crime – even if it may not seem serious – talk to experienced immigration attorneys about the effects of a criminal conviction immediately.


Our board certified immigration lawyers can help you sort through the charges against you, determine your options, and prepare any necessary waivers or deportation defense.  Depending on the circumstances, you may be qualified for a 212(h) waiver, a 212(c) waiver, or a Cancellation of Removal.  Because of the complexity as to how a criminal conviction impacts immigration eligibility, it is vital to have an experienced immigration attorney who can argue for a favorable interpretation of the immigration laws.  We can assist with collateral attacks to a criminal conviction, such as expungements or setting aside of judgments. If necessary, our immigration lawyers will refer you to a criminal defense lawyer.  The partners at the Aquino & Loew immigration law firm have written extensively about issues of special interest to the immigrant community. 

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