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Employment-based Immigration

The hope for economic prosperity is the ultimate goal for businesses throughout the United States and a driving force for immigrants seeking a new life in the U.S.  The U.S. immigration laws allow companies to utilize the skills offered by immigrants and provides immigrants the opportunity to fill companies’ personnel needs.  The California work visa attorneys at Aquino & Loew have assisted hundreds of employers, from sole proprietors to small businesses to large multinational corporations -- in securing work permits and permanent residency for their valued employees.  If you or your employee needs a work visa or wishes to become a lawful permanent resident, talk to the experienced immigration attorneys at Aquino & Loew.


H-1B Visa:  The H-1B Specialty Occupation work visa allows individuals to work for a sponsoring company in a specialty occupation, such as accountants, engineers, architects, and business administrators.  The attorneys at Aquino & Loew have guided hundreds of companies through the complex H-1B process to successfully obtain visas and minimize potential liabilities. 


Labor Certification (Program Electronic Review Management (PERM)): The labor certification application, which is required for most individuals seeking lawful permanent residency to the U.S., can be complex and burdensome.  Through the personal attention of the attorneys at Aquino & Loew, we seek to make the process as easy as possible. We have worked for years tirelessly assisting hundreds of employers and their employees, such as accountants, engineers, teachers, licensed vocational workers, nurse assistants, and caregivers, through the application process. 

Registered Nurses and Physical Therapists: The plight of the U.S. healthcare system provides Registered Nurses (RNs) and Physical Therapists (PTs) with an expedited opportunity to obtain a work permit and lawful permanent residency.  Our immigration attorneys can help in alleviating a company’s healthcare worker shortage by obtaining the work visa necessary to employe RNs and PTs. 

Whatever type of work brings immigrants to the United States, the Aquino & Loew immigration law firm can explain the process and help with the necessary forms and documentation.  The immigration lawyers at the Aquino & Loew law firm have extensive experience to answer your immigration questions and help you obtain an H-1B visa, other nonimmigrant work visa, or lawful permanent residency (green card). 

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