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Family-based Immigration

Do you have family members you would like to bring to or remain with you in the United States?  Are you engaged to someone in another country?  Did you marry a citizen of another country?  At the Aquino & Loew immigration law firm, our attorneys have worked with thousands of families to assure they have the proper documentation and visas to come to the USA.


Visa applications can be confusing and can often require complex documentation about the applicants and their sponsors.  At Aquino & Loew, you will find immigration lawyers who will listen to your situation and guide you through the application process.


Fiancé (and Child) Visas (K-1, K-2):  If you have a fiancé from another country, we can help you obtain the necessary visa for your fiancé and the fiancé’s minor (under age 21) children.

Spouse, Child, and Stepchild Visas (Permanent Resident, K-3, K-4):  The desire to reunite with or remain with a spouse and/or child is a very emotional situation.  The attorneys at Aquino & Loew can assist you in obtaining the proper visa so that you can progress together as a family in the U.S. as quickly, and as hassle-free, as possible.

Parent Visas: Obtaining a visa for a parent to come to the United States can be one of the greatest gifts a child can give. If you are a United States citizen, let the attorneys at Aquino & Loew assist you in bringing your parent to the U.S.


Siblings: If you have a sibling that you wish to join you in the U.S., the immigration lawyers at Aquino & Loew can facilitate the reunification of your family.

Humanitarian Reinstatement: Sometimes in the long wait for a green card, the original family sponsor dies.  When that happens, talk to our law firm about humanitarian reinstatement so that you do not have to start the process all over again.


Age-Out Situations (Child Status Protection Act (CSPA)): When a child reaches the age of 21, there may be serious consequences faced by the child.  Talk to our law firm about whether the child can take advantage of the provisions of the CSPA in order to avoid these serious consequences.


The lawyers at the Aquino & Loew law firm can answer your family-based immigration questions and help your family members obtain lawful permanent residency (green cards).  Our attorneys provide help applying for a family visa, and family sponsored immigration legal services to immigrants and their sponsors in California, Nevada, Arizona, and throughout the U.S. 

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