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Fiancée Visas

The attorneys at Aquino & Loew have had the sincere pleasure of uniting hundreds of couples in their journey toward becoming a family.  Let us help you ease the burden of the legal complexities surrounding the fiancée visa so that you and your loved ones can focus on the joy that a new marriage brings.


The fiancée visa is available to those who are in a bona fide and legitimate relationship with a United States citizen.  The law requires the couple to have physically seen one another in person within the two (2) years before the filing of the fiancée visa petition.  A K-1 visa is issued to the fiancée and a K-2 visa is issued to the fiancee’s unmarried children under age 21, if any.  Once the fiancée enters the United States, the law requires that the couple get married within ninety (90) days of the individual’s entry into the US. 


Since the immigration service considers marriage fraud to be an extremely serious violation, fiancée petitions are greatly scrutinized to ensure that the relationship is legitimate and bona fide.  The attorneys at Aquino & Loew take great measures to ensure that the fiancée petition is well prepared at documenting the legitimacy of the relationship so as to avoid unnecessary delay and potential denial so that your loved one can be together as quickly as possible. 

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