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Naturalization & Citizenship

For many people the world over, the United States is a land of hope and freedom, a place where dreams of a better life can come true. At Aquino & Loew, we are experienced naturalization and citizenship attorneys.  We help people overcome obstacles to US citizenship, so they can live and prosper as American citizens.


The United States has historically welcomed legal immigrants, and despite recent political controversy regarding illegal immigration, it still does.  Our firm finds that many clients, whether they are legal residents with green card status or are in the country on another type of visa, have a strong desire to obtain US citizenship.  Our firm has advised clients in all types of immigration matters.  Much of Aquino & Loew's work has involved thousands of helping clients obtain US citizenship or documentation of their automatic acquisition of citizenship.  U.S. citizenship can be attained in three ways:


  • Naturalization

  • Acquisition of citizenship through birth 

  • Derivation of citizenship through the naturalization of a parent 


A criminal conviction, domestic abuse event, tax delinquency, or other legal problem can prevent a person from obtaining citizenship, even if that person has been a legal resident of the US for many years.  These situations can present a problem, but through sound legal representation and advice, they can sometimes be overcome.  Aquino & Loew has extensive experience in these situations. We will analyze your situation and advise you as to how we may be able to use the law to your advantage working to help you obtain U.S. citizenship, Aquino & Loew can:


  • Work to identify and resolve obstacles to US citizenship posed by criminal conviction, tax delinquency, lack of adequate birth documentation, etc.

  • Prepare your naturalization application

  • Provide assistance with the civics examination

  • Prepare you for the interview with USCIS officials


In many ways US citizenship is unique.  For a foreign national, obtaining it is a privilege which also bestows great rights — and the promise of a brighter future. Aquino & Loew is proud of our work helping clients achieve their dream of American citizenship.

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