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Waivers of Inadmissibility

The immigration laws deny individuals the ability to become permanent residents when certain offenses have been committed. If a waiver is not obtained, an individual will be prevented from becoming a green card holder.  At the Aquino & Loew immigration law firm, our attorneys have assisted hundreds of clients in obtaining the appropriate waiver to overcome the inadmissibility charge. We can explain the situation and help you assemble the necessary evidence to be successful in obtaining a waiver of inadmissibility.


Did you claim to be single when you came to the US, but you were in fact already married?

Did you use an assumed name or fake documentation when entering the US?

Are you accused of being in a “fake marriage”? If you are applying for a visa based on marriage to a US citizen and the immigration service is challenging the legitimacy of the marriage, you need an attorney to help combat the allegation of fraud.

Have you been previously deported?  The attorneys at Aquino & Loew can assist with seeking a deportation waiver.

Have you been unlawfully present in the United States? Individuals can be subjected to a three or ten year bar from obtaining a visa if they have been unlawfully present in the U.S. The attorneys at Aquino & Loew can assist in obtaining a waiver, including a provisional waiver, of the three or ten year bar.

Have you ever received public assistance from the US government? If so, you need an attorney to assist you with overcoming the public charge issue.


If you have any special circumstances surrounding your qualifications for a visa, you need an experienced immigration attorney to defend your rights and help you get into compliance with the immigration laws.  The attorneys at the Aquino & Loew law firm can answer your immigration questions and help you obtain lawful permanent residency (green card).

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