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Deportation and Removal DefenseContesting Removability; Cancellation of Removal; 237 Fraud Waivers; Adjustment of Status; 212(c) Waivers; 212(h) Criminal Waivers; Voluntary Departure; Prosecutorial Discretion.

Family-based ImmigrationPetitions for spouses, children, and siblings.

Employment-based ImmigrationH-1B visas; PERM Labor Certifications; I-9 Compliance; Registered Nurse and Physical Therapist visas; EB-2 Advanced Professional petitions; L-1 Intracompany visas; EB-1 Mulinational and Extraordinary Ability Aliens petitions; Treaty Visas; TN Visas; O-1 Extraordinary Ability Alien visas; P-1 Entertainers visas; P-3 Culturally Unique visas; R-1 Religious Worker visas.

DACADeferred Action for Childhood Arrivals.

BIA and Federal Court Lawsuits and AppealsAppeals; Motions to Reopen; Motions to Reconsider; Petitions for Review; Mandamus Lawsuits; Stay of Removal; Habeas petitions.

Fiancée Visas:  K-1 fiancee visas; K-2 visas for fiancée’s children.

Naturalization and CitizenshipNaturalization applications; Derivative Citizenship; Automatic Acquisition of Citizenship.

Battered Spouse and Children Petitions: Special Immigrant petitions under the Violence Against Women Act for abused spouses, children, and parents.

Crime Victim and Trafficking Petitions: Traficking visas; U Crime Victim visas.

Student Visas: F-1 or M-1 student visas in the United States or overseas; Optional Practical Training.

Asylum Cases: Asylum; Withholding of Removal; Convention Against Torture.

Investor Visas: E-2 Investor visa; EB-5 Special Immigrant Investor visa; Regional Center Designation applications.

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